Affordable Skin Care and Facial Services

If you’re unhappy with your appearance, it can take a huge toll on your self-confidence. Healthy skin is an essential part of looking and feeling your best, and LaVida Massage is the perfect choice for your new skin care regimen!

LaVida Massage of Canton, GA offers a variety of affordable, customized facial and skin care treatments to help you increase your confidence and support your commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Discover a happier, healthier new you with high quality facial and esthetic services proven to prevent and treat damaged skin.

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Are you suffering from spotty, dry, or congested skin? Is your face lacking the radiance and tightness you once took for granted? Our comprehensive facial treatments and skin care programs are perfect for giving you the fresh, brilliant glow you’ve been searching for.

Discover What We Can Do For You

Our customized skin care solutions are proven to treat and improve all skin types for a variety of the most common conditions, including:

  • Dry & damaged skin
  • Skin redness
  • Blemishes
  • Hyper-pigmentation
  • Wrinkles and other signs of aging
  • Acne and rosacea

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Our highly sought after skin care and facial services are uniquely tailored to each individual guest.

Professional Designer Peel

There’s no substitute for a designer peel from a certified esthetician. At home facial peels rarely penetrate beyond the surface layers of the skin and only provide temporary, superficial improvements. Our safe, pharmaceutical formulation penetrates the deepest layers of the skin to remove blemishes, age spots, scars, and even freckles.

Custom Signature Facial

Our facial treatment sessions are more than just a relaxing getaway; they’re an invigorating experience that will take years off of your appearance! Our signature facials include a comprehensive consultation, allowing our skincare service technician to tailor your facial treatment for your individual skin type. This affordable treatment is perfect for reducing congestion and wrinkles, while also improving tightness and radiance.

Skin Care Services - Canton GA | LaVida Massage  - article-ultrasonicAdvanced Ultrasonic Facial

Our state-of-the-art Ultrasonic Facial is proven to penetrate deeper than other traditional facial techniques to increase circulation and leave you feeling more beautiful and refreshed than ever! Using low-frequency ultrasonic vibrations, this treatment safely removes deeply embedded dirt and grime, cleanses the skin, and removes dead skin cells for a fresh, healthy, and revitalized skin with no redness, pain, or downtime..

Body Waxing Hair Removal

Do you have sensitive skin, and dread having to shave, but are fed up with expensive, painful, and ineffective home waxing kits? Professional waxing treatments from LaVida Massage simply can’t be compared to the potentially dangerous over the counter alternatives when it comes to getting long-lasting smooth skin. With a private, professional waxing from one of our highly trained estheticians, you can save money and get the amazing results you’ve been looking for.

Meet Our Partner Products

LaVida Massage of Canton, GA is proud to offer Dermalogica professional products.

Dermalogica means expert skincare, with a line of specialized products to fit every skin type. Dermalogica products are free from harsh additives and fragrances that cause breakouts and irritation. The products are not harsh and neither is the packaging, Dermalogica packaging is simple with easy to use directions. Start your skin health journey today, and come into LaVida Massage of Canton, GA for your FREE Dermalogica Face Mapping Skin Analysis from a licensed skin therapist. 

Why Choose LaVida for Your Skin Care?

Our convenient LaVida Massage locations are dedicated to serving our guests and the overall community by providing affordable skin care solutions that are tailored to your individual needs.

Our loyal guests demand the best, which is why we’re passionate about providing real skin care solutions. Our team grows more knowledgeable each day about the possibilities of customized skin care products and services, and we’re excited to pass the benefits on to you.

Call us at 770-345-1200 today for more information about our skin care services or use our easy to use online booking service to schedule you appointment today!

It’s more than skin deep at your LaVida Massage Center in Canton, GA!

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