Top 3 Benefits of Massage Therapy for Weightlifters

Most people think of a massage as a way to relax and unwind. Athletes, however, know the clinical value of massage therapy. Many receive massage therapy as part of an ongoing fitness program. Weightlifters find it especially valuable for many reasons. Listed below are three top benefits of massage therapy for weightlifters.

Massage therapy stretches the muscles and improves flexibility. For a weightlifter to achieve peak performance, he or she must be flexible. Intense training and competition lead to increased muscle tension. This, in turn, leads to reduced flexibility and increases the chance of injury. Also, muscle tightness occurs unevenly throughout the body, especially for weightlifters. If not addressed, this may cause a permanent imbalance in the muscles. For instance, those who bench press have well-developed pecs that remain permanently tight while the opposing muscles in their back are less developed. This often causes the hunched-over posture that many competitive weightlifters seem to have.

Pain Relief
Trainers use massage therapy for pain relief. A weightlifter in pain will not be able to properly train. Even the smallest amount of pain can be the difference in winning or losing a competition. Pain is also a signal that something’s wrong and should be addressed. Massage will frequently be one of many therapies used for pain relief.

Improved Circulation
Intense training causes damage to the muscle and fascia tissue. Increased blood flow works to repair this damage. It delivers nourishment to damaged tissue and speeds up recovery times. On the other hand, tight muscles slow down blood flow and therefore slow down recovery time.

Weightlifters should consider having a deep tissue massage at least once per week. It will increase their circulation, keep their muscles pain free, and improve their flexibility. All of which could be the difference between winning and losing their next big event.
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